Below is a copy of a photocopy of the sale of Nicolas Antoine Lété's workshop to Didier Poirot. Document found at the Mechanical Music Museum in Les Gets.

Transcript of the text:

Paris, April 24, 1838.

Owes Mr Didier Poirot of Paris to Mr N.A. Lété of Mirecourt (Vosges), the articles hereafter detailed,

A 22-key walnut 4-cylinder organ-------------------------------------f 125

A 19-key mahogany organ with 4-cylinder grooves---------------f 133

Twelve organs 19 ordinary keys 3 cylinders f 72-------------------f 864

An old second-hand 19-key organ--------------------------------------f 25

Eleven Pioneers f 10.5-----------------------------------------------------f 115.5

Six varnished serinettes f 5,50-------------------------------------------f 33

Seventeen ordinary serinettes f 5.25 ---------------------------------f 89.25

Six mahogany serinettes f 6 ---------------------------------------------f 36

Three bass-------------------------------------------------------------------f 100

Two hundred and eighty-eight trestles, violin, bass-----------------f 50

Clarinet reeds and other, bow hairs,
flute keys, mutes & tuning forks----------------------------------------f 100

----------------------------------------------------------------------------5581 f 55

Discount granted by Mr Lété----------------------------------------181 f 55


Between the undersigned

Mr Nicolas Antoine Lété, musical instrument maker, living in Mirecourt Department of


Vosges on the one hand

and Mr Didier Poirot currently residing in Paris rue basse du rempart n°14 on the other hand

                               has been agreed & agreed as follows

The said S Lété sells hereby assigns & transports
to the said S Didier Poirot, this accepting

1° The instruments and goods detailed at the top of this document
that S Poirot states perfectly
know, and which are deposited in a room located in Paris rue basse du rempart n°14

2° and the customers of its Paris depot with regard to Musical Instruments and Lutherie in general, reserving nevertheless the sale of the organs of its manufacture.

So that S Poirot can enjoy, make & dispose of the perfectly sold objects ... ? favorably from this day on, S Lété will dispose of everything in his favor.

The present sale is made in return for the sum of five thousand four hundred francs which Sr. Poirot promises to oblige himself to pay to Sr. Poirot or his representatives at the rate of one hundred francs per month as from next October 15th with interest at the rate of five percent per annum as from this day, which will decrease as each payment is made.

It is of course understood that the time limits stipulated above have been stipulated in the interest of Sr. Poirot and that he will be able to free himself if he wishes to do so.

Double done in Paris on the twenty-ninth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight.

Approved the above writing and ???.

                                               N.A. Lété

                                               Didier Poirot

Deed of sale of the Lété workshop to Didier Poirot