Last update 29th December 2017


Poirot Barrel Organ


These pages are intended to present photos of Poirot organs or any other type of documents in relation to the family's instruments.
It is also the opportunity to virtually consolidate the production of four generations of organ builders.

After having the opportunity to visit the Museum of mechanical music of Mirecourt and touch an organ build by Didier Poirot, I realized that I had nothing about the organ production of my ancestors except the cupper plate which is used as the logo of this site.

Therefore, I started to gather here all of what is possible to find about the Poirot organs.
The collection of most of this documentation only has been possible thanks to the internet but also with helps of many Poirot organ lovers. Number of contributions are coming from England, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the United States, Australia and of course France.

Also the enrichment of these pages cannot be done without your help! Of course, according to their wishes, anonymity of contributors will be respected.

You will also find a part of the Poirot history.

Thank you for your visit !

Bertrand Poirot

Watercolor from François Clasquin


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